Monday, January 07, 2008

same old resolutions

nothing has changed in the last 2 and half years.. click on image to enlarge


sumanbolar said...

Oh my! Dancing! A depraved activity!

Girls clad in skimpy-sleeved tops and (gasp!) denim -- a fabric that is single-handedly responsible for the erosion of Indian family values!

And would you believe it? Alcohol is actually served in their presence ... shaantam paapam.

And what? A dead cobra found in a disco? What a terrible decline of law and order in namma Bengalooru. Even the snakes aren't dying where they are supposed to! Tch!

Spiteful, childish, and reminiscent of whiny teenagers trying to rat out errant siblings simply because they got grounded themselves and can't bear to see anyone else having fun.

Grow up, guys!

Sudham said...

Bans are just an example of the administrations lethargy...they can't stop the hanky-panky they ban everything regardless..and i bet loop-holes like "cultural programmes" will be utilised by the real culprits..Just hope better sense prevails...
Sudham..a Booze and Brains Regular..

The S A I said...

Man these people are seriously taking Bangalore to the dumps. It pains to see My fave city have this shitty Moral police kinda behaviour. The most chilled out people and city being suffocated like its taliban. Is there something we can organize like some Protest March or smthing? An idea. Many will definitely come down for it. We have a Freedom of Expression defined by Our Constitution. They are violating that very right of mine & urs as a citizen of India. Lets think of a March. If the high profile media people and the media join us we CAN change these ancient rules. So lets.